24/7 Water Protection.

Flow Sentinel® continually monitors your home’s water with realtime leak detection, temperature, and pressure sensing. With a built in shutoff valve you can set your mind at ease and never worry about damage to your home from a leaky pipe.

Our complete customizable solution controls and monitors 100% of your home’s water flow, temperature, and pressure. Flow Sentinel® does it all.

Protect your home with the best water monitoring system

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Flow Sentinel is a high-tech solution in the field of water conservation and protection that meets the most stringent quality standards and customer requirements. The device performs leak detection using pressure and ultrasonic sensors that map your entire water system. It can detect a leak as small as .03 GPM. Our resolution is 300% higher than our leading competitors!

How does it work?

Flow Sentinel® simply installs at the input to your water line, then with a few simple steps Flow Sentinel’s controls are ready at the touch of a finger.

What is it worth?

Since Flow Sentinel® detects leaks great and small it will help you avoid extremely costly accidents. Even a small leak can destroy hard wood floors, drywall and ceilings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In short, your savings with Flow Sentinel® will be humongous!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if there is a leak in my house?

Flow Sentinel® performs several tests and routinely monitors and checks for leaks in your house. Notifications and alerts are sent your phone app in the event of a leak.

Is it easy to manage more than one Flow Sentinel?

Of course! The app allows you to provision a Flow Sentinel® and set the location either by GPS or Manual entry of where it is installed. This allows you to manage, check and control water at various properties you own.

Is it easy to install Flow Sentinel® by myself?

Flow Sentinel® installs with PEXLock® fittings (included) in a few easy steps.

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