Flow Sentinel


● Smart home leak detection and automatic water shut-off
● Monitors water flow rate, temperature, and pressure
● WiFi and cellular connectivity for matchless reliability
● Advanced machine learning algorithm identifies and categorizes all water events
● Includes PEXLock fittings for hassle-free installation
● Track water activity, set usage goals, and customize valve automation with the
smartphone app
● Rugged waterproof housing lets you install anywhere
● Protects your home during power outages with battery backup
● Customizable Vacation Mode allows you to travel worry-free
● The app will guide you through connecting your device to WiFi and/or cellular networks
after installation
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The FlowSentinel offers unparalleled household leak prevention and water monitoring capability. Advanced ultrasonic sensors in the industrial-grade housing track water flow, temperature, and pressure — all without any reduction in water pressure. The valve will immediately shut off the flow of water after detecting an anomaly like a water leak or freezing temperature risk, protecting your home from costly damage. FlowSentinel detects flows with industry-leading sensitivity: this means your home is as shielded from pinhole leaks as it is from catastrophic pipe bursts.

Effortlessly track water usage, set water consumption goals, and customize automatic shutoff conditions with the FlowSentinel app. WiFi and cellular modes ensure your device never loses connection to your app. After a painless setup, your FlowSentinel device will begin learning the unique water signature of your home, from sinks to irrigation systems, giving you total control over your water. The app can integrate with multiple FlowSentinel devices, providing peace of mind for all of your properties

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in


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